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Founded in 2001, Zumba popularity has spread around the world, giving millions of participants the chance to learn new dance moves while getting in shape. In a study conducted by ACE Fitness, researchers found that oklahoma city thunder alternate jerseys participants burned an average of 369 calories per class and described it as effective interval style, full body workout. (See Ref. 2) Zumba is represented in 185 countries at 140,000 locations, with classes led by licensed instructors offered in many studios and gyms. You can even workout in the comfort of your own home with a Zumba DVD or video game. (See Ref. 3)

This was driven by growth in cold beverages, innovative Breakfast and Bakery Sandwiches limited time offers and the continued success of K Cups in our restaurants. We had increases in both traffic and ticket across all day parts. The ticket increases were due to increased sales of mix of cold and frozen beverages as well as Breakfast and Bakery Sandwiches.The cold beverage category was led by both the Men in Black 3 movie product tie in with Black Cocoa Creme Iced Coffee in May and the national $0.99 Iced Tea offer in April.

Although analysts will be looking for better results   and by "better" I mean numbers that are meaningfully superior to the periodic updates provided by the company   the good news is, given that China accounts for more than 50% of Yum!'s overall revenue, the Street already knows the full extent of Yum!'s troubles in that market.

Hands down, the most ubiquitous of all useless items, the toilet seat cover preys on the fears and shame of Americans in public restrooms across America. Granted, they're generally free for defecators but gas stations, shopping malls, office buildings and even strip clubs are shelling out money for a product that has no business existing. The fact is, it's nearly impossible to catch a disease or a parasite from a toilet seat unless you have severe open wounds on the backs of your legs or your butt cheeks. Assuming that's the case, then go home. What are you doing at a bar in the first place? It would also require the germs to be present on the seat to begin with, and as it turns out, toilet seats are about 50 times cleaner than phone receivers. If you're thinking, Yeah, but I so rarely touch my phone and my ass at the same time then consider that a toilet seat is also significantly cleaner than a keyboard or a mouse. Take a minute to scroll through your browser history to get a good idea how much more genital attention your computer gets than a toilet seat.